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NextWeek : 19th August 2018  Pentecost 12

Rev Sarah Shaw


1 Kings 2.10-12, 3.3-14

Ephesians 5.15-20

John 6: 51-58

Reader :



Wed 15th Aug at 2.00pm  Knitting Group at Margaret Aitken’s home.

Sun 26th Aug  Deadline for Articles for the September edition of The Bell

Sat 1st Sept at 10am Prayer Group in St Andrew’s Chapel led by Jan Walllace

Quiz Night Advance Notice: Friday 7th September  £25 per table. BYOB, Snacks provided. Sign up with Frank Murray

Kelpies Canter:  Register now for 29 Sept at 10.30 to raise funds for Christian Aid. Walk, cycle (or swim?) 5k from the world famous Kelpies. Family Fun and Picnic. See Richard Dyer


  • Copies of Wendy Pemble’s book about the history of Christ Church will be available soon.You can order a print copy, an audio version or an E-book directly from Wendy or add your name to the order sheet at the back of the church. The book is priced at £10.00.

Draft Vision and Mission Statements: Please let us know what you think. Post your feedback in the box at the back of the church. Thanks to those who’ve already responded!


More Vision! There is also a box  at the back of the church for you to drop in your old glasses/spectacles for recycling.

Many thanks for those glasses already donated. There is an ongoing need for your glasses which you no longer need.



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