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Votive Candles in front of the organ pipes.

In Sickness and In Health

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A brief history of Christ Church, Falkirk

The church and rectory are situated in Kerse Lane at its junction with Bellevue Street, on part of the busy Falkirk to Grangemouth road. The land on which the church and rectory were built was given for the purpose by local landowner Mr William Forbes of Callendar.

The foundation stone was laid in May 1863 and the church was consecrated on 13 April 1864. Sir Rowand Anderson, a leading Scottish architect of the nineteenth century – responsible for the design of many churches in Scotland and who was also an Episcopalian – was the architect of the church (his first in Scotland) which was built for the grand sum of £1,350.

To help set the church up, Mr and Mrs Forbes of Callendar gave the communion plate and Master Forbes the altar cloth. The Bible and Prayer book were gifted by the Rev C Hinxman, Rector of Basford St Martin’s, near Salisbury, and the magnificent lectern was given by the Rev J Hannah, DCL, Warden of Trinity College, Glenalmond.

The church building

The church itself is large enough to seat 120 comfortably, but small and compact in design. The original interior has been altered and added to over the years, including the rood screen, disabled access, room at the front for wheelchairs, the installation of a loop system, and the latest addition, an electrically controlled organ.

To the south of the church, there is a small Garden of Remembrance where the ashes of some past members of the congregation are interred and where relatives can sit in quiet contemplation.

The rectory

The rectory is a large Victorian building sharing the grounds with the church. When the old church hall was found to be unsafe two rooms in the rectory were adapted to suit. There is a small amount of car parking space available for church members with mobility problems.





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