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This page provides an introduction to our Ministry, Pastoral Team and Vestry – please see Activities for an introduction to the groups that also participate in the life of the Church.


Our Rector is The Rev Sarah Shaw.
The Rev Ann Smith provides additional Pastoral support.

The Vestry

The Christ Church Vestry has seven ex-officio members and six elected members. The Vestry meets on the second Monday of each month (except July and August). The Bishop of Edinburgh and the two most senior elected members of the Vestry serve as the Trustees of the Church.

Ex-officio Vestry members:

  • Rector – The Rev Sarah Shaw
  • Lay Representative – Camayo Hyde
  • Alternate Lay Representative – Wendy Pemble
  • Hon Secretary – Camayo Hyde
  • Hon Treasurer – Elaine McCaffery
  • People’s Warden – Lesley Leishman
  • Rector’s Warden – Margaret Briggs

Elected Vestry members:

  • Frank Murray
  • Nonee Mathe
  • Sally Ibbotson
  • Ronnie Peebles, who is also the Editor for the Bell magazine.
  • Kate Luke
  • Wendy Pemble

Ministry Team

The Ministry Team are lay and ordained people who assist the Rector in different ways (taking communion to the sick and housebound, and taking services from the Reserved Sacrament).

  • Margaret Briggs
  • Lesley Leishman
  • Walter Scott
  • Sandie Bovaird
  • Rev Ann Smith
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